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SKU: WB-150-IPW-1B-2

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Important Note - The WB-150-IPW-1B-2 outlets are controlled together on a single relay bank. Does not provide surge protection or power conditioning. Wireless capabilities are activated after setup via local web interface and disconnection of wired LAN.


WattBoxR IP Power Outlets (Ultra-Compact) | 1 Controlled Bank, 2 Outlets (Wi-Fi or Wired)

Stock your truck with maximum power in a minimalist form factor with the WattBoxR 150. With its affordable price point and the truck-roll eliminating power of OvrC, putting this WattBoxR on every job will save you time and money. Thanks to its small size, you can power and control everything from a single NVR to an entire rack and practically anything else that plugs in. The WattBoxR 150 works wherever you can fit it, which is basically anywhere in-wall boxes and in-cabinet racks, behind or under furniture, on the back of a TV or under a desk. The only limit to where you can put this WattBoxR is your creativity.


WattBox Goes Wireless

Your last excuse to not put at least one IP WattBox on every job is gone. Enjoy the added freedom of not having to run wire with the WattBox 150-IPW. You can now put the money-saving, truck-roll eliminating power of WattBox on every job more easily than ever before, without the hassle of pulling wire or having to find a nearby outlet. Thanks to this device’s wireless capabilities and price point, you can put one everywhere to further increase the value of the WattBox + OvrC ecosystem. Want the added peace of mind of a wired connection? No problem. The WattBox 150-IPW works both wired and wirelessly, giving you the most possible options. With the new WB-150-IPW-1B-2, you can instantly deploy a solution to reset locked devices without ever leaving your couch.

Small and Mighty

Don't let the size of this WattBoxR fool you. The WattBoxR 150 is the smallest IP-controllable, UL certified power product that's compatible with the industry's leading remote management system, OvrC. The compact WattBoxR 150 brings all of the control and troubleshooting capabilities of its larger siblings. You can control and power an entire rack or smaller, power-draining devices like digital signage, a single NVR or even a fish tank. Just looking for an easy way to power devices on and off, it does that, too. Now, you can harness WattBoxR + OvrC's three lines of defense in an infinitely adaptable form factor.

The Essential WattBoxR

Since the IP WattBoxR now works for every job at any budget, it makes sense to have several WattBoxR 150s in your tool box for your next install. The ability to enable auto-reboot, set schedules and regularly power cycle saves you time and money. With OvrC, you can proactively solve issues without rolling a truck. Then, send your client a notification to alert them that you fixed a small concern before it became a larger problem, constantly reproving the value of your service. You can even use IP WattBoxR products to offer ongoing tech support for a monthly fee, creating a recurring revenue model for your business.

Every Spot, Every Job

We know that you'll ultimately find many more ways to use this ultra-flexible form factor than we can think of. However, here are a few ideas for how you can unlock the power of WattBoxR:

  • Use the detachable IEC cord to pair the WB-150 with a range of WattBoxR IEC cords with various lengths and styles to fit the needs of any job. Also, short extension cord pigtails allow an integrator to accommodate even the largest plugs and wall warts.
  • Auto-reboot a network from a structured wiring can or behind a smart TV.
  • Reboot CCTV recorders remotely or create a control system command to power cycle an auditorium DSP.
  • Program a workstation, POS system or other energy-hogging systems to power down at night.
Take Control

This isn't your basic IoT device. The WB-150 is designed to power and control everything from a frozen video streaming device or a non-responsive network video recorder to a hard-to-reach wall mount rack. Take control of the two most critical components on every site the modem and router to restore connectivity and get your client back online. This WB-150-IP-1B-2 is hardwired for the ultimate in reliability.

Advanced API and Suite of Control Drivers

The WattBoxR 150 is compatible with the industry's most popular control systems, including Control4, Crestron, Elan, RTI and URC (coming soon). We've even added a next generation Telnet API that lets you program unique features into your system or create custom solutions to deploy and monitor WattBoxR products across thousands of sites. With Telnet API, you can integrate with any third-party control system, monitoring platform or other proprietary solutions.

Three Ways to Prevent Service Calls

This WattBoxR provides three lines of defense to fix problems and reduce service calls. Combine WattBoxR's scheduling and auto-reboot feature with OvrC remote management and an end user app and you have an iron-clad solution built for integrators. Simply put, no other remote management system comes close to what WattBoxR and OvrC can do.

Self-Healing Auto Reboot

WattBoxR power products are uniquely designed to fix themselves without any outside intervention, helping to prevent service calls and dealer troubleshooting. The unit continuously monitors connectivity and when the connection is lost, it automatically reboots the troubled device as programmed. You can even schedule regular reboots through the local UI or OvrC platform.

End-User App

OvrC Home is a free client-facing mobile app included with all WattBoxR IP products that allows the end user to fix small problems on their own. Through this intuitive app, they'll be able to reset any device connected to individual WattBoxR outlets and use macros to execute a series of commands that you define. If for some reason customers still need to contact you, your company logo and contact information are easily accessible within the app itself.

OvrC Remote Management

Through the intuitive OvrC dashboard, you can reboot devices, modify configurations, update firmware and more all from anywhere in the world. Plus, if a WattBoxR device goes offline or its voltage falls outside a safe range, OvrC provides you with a notification, before your customer even notices. Upgrade to OvrC Pro and you'll get access to even greater diagnostics and troubleshooting tools across our family of OvrC-enabled products.

2-years limited warranty


  • UL 62368-1 listed
Sub Brand WattBoxR
Series 150 IP
Type Ultra-Compact
Number of Outlets 2
Voltage Rating 120 V (88 V Minimum, 132 V Maximum)
Current Rating 12 A
Frequency Rating 50/60 hz
Power Consumption 1 W (Active Wired LAN Connection)
Power Rating 1440 W
Peak Impulse Current 15 A (With Fuse)
Cord Length 6 ft
Network Connectivity RJ-45, 10/100 Ethernet (Wired)
IP Control 1 Bank of 2 Outlets, API, IP/Telnet (Full Configuration and Control)
Fuse Type 217 Series Ceramic, Field Replaceable 5 x 20 mm, 250 V, 15 A Fast-Blow Fuse
LED Indicators Outlet On/Off, Device On/Off AC, RJ-45 Link/Activity
Relay Output Electromagnetic
Remote Firmware Updates Yes (Via OvrC, API)
Inlet IEC C-14 AC Input Connection
Surge Protection No
Control Drivers Control 4, RTI, Elan, URC, Crestron
Enclosure Rating NEMA 5-15R
Mounting Type Integrated Eyelets, Surface/In-Wall Box
Temperature Rating 32 - 104 deg F
Material Plastic
Color Black
Finish Matte
Dimensions 3.09 Inch W x 1.42 Inch D x 4.33 Inch H
Includes WattBoxR 150 Series Power Strip, Removable IEC Power Cord, (2) Wall Anchors with M3 x 16 mm Screws
Weight 0.5 lb
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