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Ensuring maximum system uptime or protecting your clients' data with an Uninterruptable Power Supply is easier than ever with this OvrC-enabled WattBox UPS. This standby UPS allows you to provide your clients with power and built-in surge protection during outages and brownouts. Outlet spacing accommodates large transformer-based plugs without compromising the access of other outlets. It also includes added keyhole mounting slots and an LCD display for easy visibility.

Give your customers invaluable peace of mind by ensuring their work and equipment is safe despite unpredictable power interruptions. Just as importantly, you'll rest easier knowing this UPS is saving you time and money on service calls. Lastly, when you pair this UPS with a 800-, 700-, or 300-Series IP WattBox, you'll unlock the power of OvrC, giving you even more features like load shedding, remote alarm silencing, and battery health alerts.


Beyond Traditional Standby

Where a typical standby UPS offers only power outlets, this WattBox UPS comes with eight power outlets, four of which are for battery backup with surge protection and four always-on surge protected outlets. Two of the surge outlets and two of the surge/battery outlets are spaced for transformer plugs. Tap the large LCD display to toggle through multiple display options to show Input Voltage Level, Output Voltage Level, Battery Capacity, and Load Level. There are also icons that display battery mode, overload condition, fault condition, and silent mode. This UPS can rest vertically or horizontally and has keyhole slots molded into the back of the unit for wall mounting.

Works with OvrC

Connect your 800, 700, or 300-Series IP WattBox via the orange UPS link to the UPS and you now have a unique, versatile, and powerful two-part solution to unlock the truck roll-stopping power of OvrC. This two-part OvrC-enabled solution allows you to place the battery exactly where you need it and put the IP WattBox with controlled outlets closer to your devices. With OvrC, you'll receive vital notifications to help keep you one step ahead of your clients. Get access to dynamic load shedding and notifications when AC power is lost and restored or when voltage levels fall outside a safe range. You also have the capability to silence alarms remotely when needed, and to monitor battery health, battery charge percentage, voltage levels, and current run time - all from the WattBox user interface.

Install Peace-of-Mind

Small blips in power like brownouts or short power outages can cause many devices to fall offline when they aren't connected to a battery backup that maintains the network connection. Plus, when smart devices come back online before the network does, it can wreak havoc on your setup. Use the WattBox UPS to maintain connectivity of network infrastructure and continuous operation of security and surveillance systems. This UPS will give you and your customer time to save their data and send alerts that the power is out.

Prevent Office Data Loss

Unexpected power outages often result in hours of lost work and costly equipment damage. Help your clients avoid this stress with an affordable and reliable UPS. This UPS can buy you and your clients eight or six and a half minutes of additional run time at 50% loading (on the 625 and 850 models, respectively) - just enough to support your most critical devices. This unit also protects against power surges and spikes that can quickly cause significant damage to electronics and large appliances.

Three Ways to Prevent Service Calls

This WattBox provides three lines of defense to fix problems and reduce service calls. Combine WattBox's scheduling and auto-reboot feature with OvrC remote management and an end-user app, and you have an iron-clad solution built for integrators. Simply put, no other remote management system comes close to what WattBox and OvrC can do.

Self-Healing Auto Reboot

WattBox power products are uniquely designed to fix themselves without any outside intervention, helping to prevent service calls and dealer troubleshooting. The unit continuously monitors connectivity and when the connection is lost, it automatically reboots the troubled device as programmed. You can even schedule regular reboots through the local UI or OvrC platform

End-User App

OvrC Home is a free client-facing mobile app included with all WattBox IP products that allows the end user to fix small problems on their own. Through this intuitive app, they'll be able to reset any device connected to individual WattBox outlets and use macros to execute a series of commands that you define. If for some reason customers still need to contact you, your company logo and contact information are easily accessible within the app itself.

OvrC Remote Management

Through the intuitive OvrC dashboard, you can reboot devices, modify configurations, update firmware and more - all from anywhere in the world. Plus, if a WattBox device goes offline or its voltage falls outside a safe range, OvrC provides you with a notification, before your customer even notices. Upgrade to OvrC Pro, and you'll get access to even greater diagnostics and troubleshooting tools across our family of OvrC-enabled products.

2-Year Limited Product Warranty


cTUVus, FCC Part 15 Class B

Sub Brand WattBox
Voltage Rating 120 VAC at 60 hz
Amperage Rating 12 A
Recharge Time 8 hr
Battery Runtime 2 min at Full Load, 8 min at Half Load
Battery Capacity 5 Ah
Battery Type Sealed Lead Acid
Energy Dissipation 300 J
Number of Outlets 4 (Surge Protected), 4 (Battery Backup and Surge Protected)
Transfer Time 1 - 6 ms
UPS Topology Standby
Wave Form Simulated Sine Wave
Mounting Type Wall
Overload Protection On Utility: Circuit Breaker (10 A), On Battery: Internal Current Limiting
Detachable Power Cord Yes
Cord Length 6 ft
Temperature Rating 32 - 104 deg F (Operating), 5 - 122 deg F (Storage)
Color Black
Dimensions 12.1 Inch W x 3.8 Inch D x 6.3 Inch H
Includes IEC Power Cord, (4) Rubber Feet
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