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The WattBox® Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is packed with features to help keep vital equipment up and running in the case of power loss. This Pure Sinewave UPS provides battery backup and full automatic voltage regulation (AVR) to prevent costly interruptions, as well as a 'Graceful Shutdown' of a connected PC via USB port. By using the single outlet to back up a WattBox IP power conditioner, you can receive system OvrC updates, which allow you to monitor power and perform basic functions like load shedding configuration. With this model, you’ll get a 2000 VA capacity, up to 5:30 min of battery backup at full load (1560W), and 15:30 minutes of battery backup at 45% load (720W).

Using OvrC - To access OvrC, this product must be paired with a compatible IP-enabled WattBox power conditioner updated with the latest firmware.
Max Load - This product has a 990 Watt Max Load.
Load Shedding - When using an OvrC Enabled UPS, if an outlet mode is set to “Reset Only,” it is ineligible for load shedding. Set the outlet mode to “Normal” to enable the outlet to shed its load.



OvrC Capability

Connect your WattBox IP conditioner to the single outlet of this UPS, and you’ll get a powerful UPS, plus OvrC functionality. With OvrC, you’ll receive vital notification to help keep you one step ahead of your clients. You’ll be alerted when AC power is lost and restored or when voltage levels fall outside the safe range. Plus, you can monitor battery health, battery charge percentage, voltage levels, and current run time ¬– all from the WattBox user interface.

Load Shedding Configuration

With a connection to a WattBox product, this UPS can control outlets based on battery charge percentages. You can view these critical and non-critical percentages through the WattBox user interface, and prioritize components via OvrC.

Large Multifunction LCD Readout

The multifunction LCD readout provides ready access to power/battery condition vitals such as Runtime and Load. Plus, it incorporates an auto-dimming function, which helps minimize distractions when in use.

Battery Health Notification

A battery health notification alerts you when the battery condition has weakened, promoting proactive battery replacement. This UPS is also designed with user-replaceable batteries, so the battery needed for this unit can easily be found at a local battery store.

Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) Technology

Keep equipment operating safely and protect against voltage fluctuations with automatic voltage regulation (AVR). This innovative technology prevents any voltage drops below 112 volts and any spikes or surges above 128 volts. This unit uses Boost/Buck Topology, which actively corrects brownouts and over-voltages to usable levels, while maintaining a full battery charge in case of power failure.

EMI/RFI Shielding

Protecting against electromagnetic interference and radio frequency signals helps prevent line noise or "humming" that can occur over audio electronics.

Graceful Shutdown

With Graceful Shutdown, you can fully protect your computer system, components, peripherals, and data via USB port. In the event of a power loss, this UPS automatically instructs the computer to save your files and then safely shuts it down in an intelligent and orderly matter, avoiding costly damage to critical components.

Best-in-Class Warranty

With this product, you receive a five-year warranty on the chassis and two years on the replacement battery. This length of warranty is unmatched in the industry, so you won't find this level of protection on other UPS units.



Battery Recharge Time 4 Hours
Battery Runtime @ Full Load 5.2 Minutes
Battery Runtime @ Half Load 13.5 Minutes
Battery Size 12V/9AH
Current Rating 16A
Energy Disipation (Joules) 1080
Outlets 1
Overload Protection Yes
Battery Type Sealed Lead Acid
Color Black
Features Multifunction LCD Diagnostic Display Includes: OvrC, Output Voltage, Battery Backup Time Limit, Battery Total Amp Hours, Exit Setup, ECO mode, Buck Mode, Boost Mode, Battery Mode, Standby Mode, backup time, configuration info, fault/warning info, Mute, O
Power Rating 1350W (Max)
Line Voltage 110 / 120V AC
Rack Mountable Yes
Rack Spacing 2U
Dimensions (W x H x D) 17.24" x 3.46" x 20.08"
Weight 48.30 lbs
File Download(s): Operations Manual |