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URC introduces the MRX-8 Advanced Network System Controller which joins the MRX-10 (original) and MRX-20 (on-screen GUI). The MRX-8 offers the same small form-factor as the MRX-1 and MRX-2 before it for installs that reside in close quarters.

“This changes everything”, literally “changes” every controllable device (in the home in addition to the TV); because it heralds an era of new, powerful but smaller network controllers from URC.

Perfect beginning for home control

The MRX-8 controller is the ideal way to make the move to adding simple yet powerful automation to your home. Small in size but big on value, this piece can sit in any room in the house or a central equipment rack and deliver robust control of all your entertainment, lights, security, door locks, temperature and more. Ideal for small to mid-range homes, offices, condos and the like, this robust central control center stores and issues automation commands for all of your components throughout the house over your home network. By adding URC sensors, you can instantly improve your daily routines via automation in many ways. Whenever a window is opened during cold months, the heat can automatically turn off to save energy. And, through automation of lights, porch lamps can switch on at a set time nightly.

Excellent expansion

Possibilities for total control are endless. The system allows you to easily add on other products including URC LED or Vivido™ wireless lighting, streaming music players, intelligent thermostats and more, as your family expands or other lifestyle changes occur. These additional features and conveniences make it easy to control multiple devices at once with one button press—even in any additional room—at any time. You can conveniently reduce the amount of time you take to leave the house thanks to preset commands that allow you to lock all doors and switch off all lights, TVs, radios or anything else you control with one touch of a button.

Superior service

Thanks to the MRX-8’s off-site programming feature, you won’t have to wait at home until the service truck arrives for service. Your installer can make updates from their shop giving you scheduling flexibility and convenience. The MRX-8 offers rock-solid reliability, phenomenal functionality and virtually limitless control possibilities.

The new controller is the same physical size as URC’s MRX-1 and MRX-2 room controllers but packed with a complete Total Control brain and a full slate of I/Os including:

  • IR Out: 6
  • URC Sensor: 2
  • Two-way RS-232: 2
  • RFTX-1: 1
  • Includes AC Power Supply (12V/1A in-wall type)
  • Includes six (6) IR Emitters
  • Power and Ethernet LED indicators
  • Accepts optional TRF-UZ1 for Two-way operation
  • Z-Wave® ready NOW with optional TRF-ZW1


  • Ideal URC® central controller/processor for small to mid-range homes, condos, one room applications and the like
  • ? Stores and issues commands and macros for all IP, IR, RS-232, Relay and Sensor controlled devices in one system
  • ? Provides two-way communication with Total Control® remotes, touchscreens, keypads and URC Mobile™ for both iOS and Android™ devices
  • ? Offers control of countless popular third-party products including Sonos® music players, Lutron® lighting, Honeywell® and DSC security systems and many others
  • ? Expandable via LAN and URC MRX-series sub-base stations (MRX-2)
  • Routes commands to IR, RS-232, Relays and Sensors to multiple sub-base stations


  • Automation capability: Unlimited IP one-way control. Controls up to 32 audio/video zones
  • Accepts TRF-UZ1 for two-way operation with the TRC-780 remote control and the THZ-100 thermostat
  • Ethernet: One 10/100 Base T (Indicator LED)
  • IR: Six (6) variable IR outputs
  • RS-232: Two (2) ports (support TX, RX and GND two-way communication)
  • RFTX-1 Output Port: One (1) (shared IR)
  • Relay: One (1) dry relay configurable to be NO, NC or Momentary
  • Sensors: Two (2) sensor ports support all URC sensors
  • AC Power: DC 12V/1A 100-240v power supply
  • Size: 9.76”(W) x 4.72”(H) x 1.10”(D)?
  • Weight: 10.5 oz.

System Integration with URC and Other Products

  • Compatible with Total Control user interfaces including remotes, keypads, touchscreens and third-party controllers (iPad, iPhone, Android cell phones and tablets, etc.)
  • Compatible with URC LED or Vivido™ wireless lighting
  • Provides two-way feedback from URC Total Control line products
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