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DMS-100 Single-Zone Amplifier

Add premium audio quality streams to any one area of your home with the DMS-100 single zone amplifier.

So you’ve added that long awaited addition to your home but never planned to outfit it with audio. No problem, your custom installer can put together a single zone system without ever touching the existing structure of your home using one DMS-100.

One audio input on board allows you to plug in any music source. Plug in a URC SNP-1 streaming network player to your new audio zone and listen to Sirius/XM radio, Rhapsody, Pandora, internet radio or even your network stored music library. It’s that simple, a single-zone audio solution that won’t break the bank.

Add additional zones of audio anywhere at anytime following the same simple formula. Plug a URC PSX-2 personal music server into the audio input of your DMS-100 or any other analog source for that matter, such as a CD player. With multiple DMS amps you can share audio sources across zones, up to 32 sources in total, all playing independently at the same time. This is possible given that Universal Remote Control has implemented cutting edge streaming technology, making your audio crystal clear with no audible signal degradation.

When you installed your store bought brand amplifier or tuner you may not have been ready for streaming music services like Rhapsody or internet radio, and that’s ok. The DMS-100 allows you to upgrade any “out-of-date” system by sending your newly added audio source, like streaming internet radio via the SNP-1, to the already installed system via a convenient pre-amp output, a great way to update any legacy system.

To enjoy the premium benefits of Total Control your installer will recommend having the two-way music browsing capabilities of a system supplemented with an MRX-10 advanced network system and a TRC-780 remote control.

Audiophiles rejoice! You’ll fall in love with the flexibility of the DMS-100 and the excitement it brings when customizing a future proof DMS driven multi-zone system.


  • 50 watts per channel amplifier for speakers
  • Preamp output for connection to local amp or receiver
  • One (1) audio input streams to other Total Control amplifiers
  • Scalable solution; install as additional zones with a DMS-1200 system, or install multiple DMS-100s to create customized multi-zone system
  • Can be programmed off premises via the internet and MRX-10
  • Easy rack-mounting via optional RMK-1 rack mount kit

*This item is compatible with other Total Control products only.