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    Triad PDX Series 5 In-Wall Speaker - 6"

    Bring premium sound to your architectural speaker projects with Triad PDX, which combines easy-to-install Push Lock by Swarm technology with the industry-leading sound of Triad. Triad PDX uses high-performance materials and the finest components like carbon fiber, Kevlar, Teteron, and dual voice coils. Furthermore, each speaker is designed and engineered in Portland, OR., with a full acoustic analysis in an anechoic chamber for the perfect audio experience. Installation is also a breeze with Push Lock by Swarm technology, an exclusive toolless mounting solution specifically designed for Snap One that delivers the industry's fastest and most secure installation.

    Up close of Triad PDX push lock
    Easy, Toolless Install

    Give your customers the ultimate audio experience with the ultimate install! Triad PDX features Push Lock by Swarm technology, a toolless mounting solution designed for Snap One. Push Lock secures the speaker with the simple press of a button for the fastest and most secure install on the market for both in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. Plus, the dogs cinch down an extra 6mm when you need additional security in situations with uneven sheetrock, popcorn ceilings, etc.

    Triad PDX being installed in ceiling
    Seamless Installation, Your Way!

    Triad PDX offers an exceptional solution for a seamless installation. Each speaker can be installed at once with zero tools, or you can remove the speaker and install the cradle with its optional backbox and grille, which allows you to return and place the speaker post-construction. All of this is done without compromising the industry-leading sound and build quality for which Triad is known.

    Image of the back of a rear enclosure for Triad PDX
    Optional Rear Enclosures

    All Triad PDX speakers have an optional rear enclosure that reduces sound propagation to adjacent rooms while providing a predictable environment for installation, giving your customers the very best custom audio experience.

    Triad Series 5 Family shot
    Classic Triad Voicing

    Triad PDX speakers use top-shelf crossover components and are tuned like all other Triad speakers to give them their coveted Triad sound. They can even seamlessly integrate with other Triad speakers due to their Timbre matching, allowing you to mix and match speakers within the series to meet the needs of each room while providing identical tonal qualities throughout the home.

    Upclose image of the carbon fiber mesh of the Triad PDX speaker
    Interwoven Kevlar/Carbon Fiber Woofer

    Experience every audible detail with precision technology and build quality. The interwoven Kevlar and Carbon fiber with PVA coating command higher control of cone breakup, while the aluminum shorting ring further fine-tunes sound with tighter bass and enhanced distortion reduction. The fusion of top-tier material selection and design distinction of Triad PDX has yet to be seen in architectural audio.

    The pivoting tweeter being adjusted
    Upgraded 1” Pivoting Teteron Dome Tweeter

    Everything about Triad PDX centers around the purest sound quality possible. The 1" Pivoting Teteron dome tweeter with oversized surround increases piston area, resulting in higher sensitivity and reduced motion, providing smoother frequency response. All 5 Series PDX tweeters also include an additional copper cap and dual Neodynium magnets in the motor system, which linearizes/stabilizes the variance in inductance—reducing distortion with better transient/impulse performance.

    Image of the Tweeter adjustment switch
    Tweeter and Woofer Adjustment Switch

    The tweeter adjustment switch helps you deliver detailed and clear sound in any space. It helps compensate for both an overly reflective or overly damped room by either cutting or increasing the tweeter level to improve performance, while the woofer adjustment allows you to fine-tune the speaker's low frequencies depending on the interaction between the speaker and the room.

    New construction brackets
    New Construction Brackets

    Our new construction brackets offer enhanced flexibility during installation in new builds. They go in before the drywall, allowing the drywaller to cut holes for them and streamline the installation process.

    Custom colored grills image
    Optional Custom Colored Grilles

    Order your speaker with a standard Triad white speaker grille or, for a slight upcharge, order a custom-colored grille to match the room's décor or wall/ceiling color.

    2 pieve baffle that helps secure speak in ceiling
    Secure On Site

    Not all job sites are secure during the construction phase, leaving components left onsite susceptible to theft. With The Triad PDX 2-piece baffle/speaker module assembly, you can remove the speaker module for safe storage offsite until the site is secure while the Frame/HVAC cover and grille remain installed.


    • Interwoven Kevlar/Carbon Fiber Woofer and Teteron dome tweeter
    • Snap One exclusive Push Lock technology
    • Custom paint matching available


    Frequency Response 42Hz - 23KHz
    Cutout Dimensions (W x H) 11.7 in. x 7.6 in. (297 x 193mm)
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 12.6 in. x 8.56 in. (320 x 217mm)
    Mounting Dog Type: Push Lock by Swarm
    Dog Clamping Range: 3/8" to 1-1/8"
    Operating Temperature -20C to +50C
    Weight w/grille: 5.79lbs (2.63Kg)
    Crossover Frequency 2.8kHz
    Crossover type/slope: Linkwitz-Riley / 12dB
    Speaker Dispersion Angle 110° H / 90° V
    Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
    Minimal impedance: 6.5 Ohms
    Sensitivity (dB) @ 1W/1M: 90dB
    Tweeter Size: 1" (25mm)
    Material: Teteron Dome
    Tweeter Mechanism: Pivoting +/- 12.7°
    Woofer Size: 6-1/2" (160mm)
    Cone Material: Interwoven Kevlar / Carbon Fiber
    Surround Material: NBR (Buna-N rubber)
    Woofer Voice Coil Diameter: 1-1/4"
    Magnet type: Ferrite
    Woofer Excursion (Peak to Peak): 8.5mm
    Mounting Depth w/ Enclosure: 3.8" (96.5mm)
    w/o Enclosure: 3.6" (91mm)
    Optimal Air Volume Behind Speaker 20-25L
    Enclosure TS-PDX-ENCL-IW6
    Power Handling Power Handling (Max): (1.33x RMS): 160W
    Power Handling (RMS): 120W
    Products specifications
    Driver Size 6"
    Sold Per Single
    Impedance 8 Ohm
    Speaker Type 2-Way
    Series PDX
    Type In-Wall
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