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Strong™ VersaBox Recessed Dual Layer Flat Panel Solution – 14in. x 14in.

Ultra-thin flat panels have met their match in the Strong™ VersaBox. This innovative product is the perfect companion to our RAZOR low-profile mounts. Constructed from rugged, professional-grade materials and engineered exclusively by SnapAV, this state-of-the-art box elegantly fits your equipment behind the TV. It offers space for tons of devices, including a DirecTV® Genie, Sonos®, our mini amp, power conditioner, and wireless sub transmitter – or it can be used for simple power/cable management. Completely customizable and incredibly easy to service, this product is changing the game when it comes to flat panel installations.

The Ultimate Behind-the-TV Solution: Today’s ultra-slim TVs leave little room for equipment and wiring…which means it all ends up in a cabinet that clutters the room. But the Strong™ VersaBox takes back that precious real estate. It offers tons of potential equipment combinations, and we’ve designed three that meet some of the most common installations scenarios…

Introducing the VersaBox Triple Threat:

Living Room: Featuring a mini amp, WattBox IP+, wireless sub kit, HDMI extender, DirecTV box, Apple TV and router/switch, this setup provides ideal sound and picture quality for the customer’s main living area – without occupying valuable space.

Bedroom: Featuring a mini amp, WattBox IP+, wireless sub kit, HDMI extender, DirecTV box, Sonos Connect and router/switch, this sleek setup keeps bedroom areas tidy without requiring an extra armoire to hold equipment.

Conference Room: Featuring a mini amp, WattBox IP+, controller, network switch and Apple TV, this configuration is perfect for conference rooms that need maximum audio/video impact with minimal in-room distractions.

Stays out of Sight: Designed to fit behind ultra-slim TVs and pair perfectly with our line of Strong™ RAZOR mounts, the VersaBox attaches cleanly into the wall, so customers never have to see it. The cover gets mounted flush with the box, providing a clean solution that keeps gear out of sight. Installs Just About Anywhere Pre-construction, retrofit, commercial, or in-ceiling installations…the VersaBox can do it all! Its optional Pre-Construction Bracket mounts to any stud, claiming that space before drywall goes up. You can also screw the box directly to a stud using the holes on the sides, or use the included dog ears to mount it retrofit into drywall or the ceiling.

A Knockout Setup: Speaking of that hinged shelf, it also features a breakaway section that’s perfect for accommodating a Sonos® and other large devices. Just pop it out and you instantly have the space you need. The VersaBox also features rubber grommets to make routing cables a breeze, and has knockouts made specifically to fit a single-gang box for power and other accessories.

Makes Servicing Easy: Fitting a bunch of equipment behind the TV is great, but what happens when one of those devices needs to be reset or serviced? We thought of that ahead of time, which is why the two-layer VersaBox features a hinged, movable shelf that not only facilitates wire management, but lifts up and out of the way to make every piece of equipment accessible without tearing the system apart.

In-Ceiling Application: Adding a wireless access point to any room has never been this easy – or discreet. Simply mount the VersaBox in the ceiling and attach the WAP to provide reliable wireless access the customer never has to see.

Vented for Reliability: Heat can shorten the life of your electronics, so with all that high-powered equipment in one small space it’s important to keep things cool. The VersaBox features a vented cover that lets heat escape to protect the devices inside.

Flexible by Design: Thanks to its durable ABS plastic design, you can customize this box to fit just about any installation situation. Need to add a hole? No problem, just drill right into the box – no special tools required. And since it’s not made out of metal, like some competing products, you don’t have to worry about it reducing Wi-Fi signal strength and speed for the devices inside.