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IMPORTANT NOTICE COM firmware has been removed as a firmware option from all Idatastart HC starters.

iDataStart HCX All-In-One Factory Key Remote Car Starter

What separates the HCx from the other all-in-one’s is that at its core, in its DNA, is an ALCA, the product our dealers know and trust! By expanding the hardware profile around an already great product, it's been made it even better. With the addition of high current remote starter functionality, additional CAN channels and making it compatible with all of the existing ALCA firmware, this truly is a winning proposition for dealers and installers. You can rest assured that the firmware behind the product is every bit as reliable, and the engineering team that’s there to support it will respond with new solutions as quickly as they always have.

The iDataStart HCX is the ultimate remote start solution designed to maximize the use of the original key fob, transmitter or smart key. Simply press the Lock button 3 times to remote start and stop the engine. Instantly upgrade your HCX system to an HC1 or HC2 system simply by adding an RF1151A or RF2351AC remote upgrade kit sold separately. Limited Lifetime Warranty on control module.


Go The Distance

With up to 3,000 feet of operating range, iDataStart HC remote start systems offer reliable control whether from your driveway or a short drive away. With pre-packaged configurations and flexible 1-way or 2-way remote upgrade options, iDataStart has the right system for every need.

Keep It Simple

For those who prefer to travel light, iDataStart HC also enables short-range remote start from most factory key fob remotes. Simply press the Lock button 3 times and voilà!

10,000 Keys Included

While traditional remote starters require third party interface modules sold separately to bypass the vehicle’s factory immobilizer system, iDataStart HC features built-in immobilizer bypass and databus integration technology. This means no extra module or key is required for over 10,000 vehicles from 1989 and up.

Goes Both Ways

hanks to its universal antenna, iDataStart HC lets you effortlessly upgrade to a 1-way or 2-way system simply by adding remotes. Best of all, up to 4 remotes can be mixed and matched per system.

Click It, Don’t Clip It

iDataStart HC provides a wide range of optional ‘factory fit’ installation harnesses offering seamless integration in select vehicles without splicing or soldering wires. Ideal for any leased or owned vehicles still under warranty.

Total Peace Of Mind

iDataStart HC systems are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty so you can rest assured that your system will continue to perform up to its standards, 24/7/365.

HCX Series

  • All-in-one factory key remote car starter
  • Compatible with any of the iDataStart RF kits
  • No bypass module required
  • x3 Lock start control (Start vehicle from factory keyfob with x3 presses of lock button*)
  • Built in databus interface that speaks your cars language (No external module required)
  • Factory keyless entry control (Controls factory keyless with aftermarket fob)
  • Priority door access (Dual stage unlock option)
  • Trunk release
  • Cold or hot weather auto-start feature (Temp sensor required)
  • Temperature activation of cooled or heated seats (limited, see dealer for details)
  • Command and run confirmation via the vehicles parking lights
  • Idle mode (Securely run the engine during those quick pit stops)
  • Programmable run time (3/5/10/15 or 25 minutes)
  • Turbo timer (30sec/1min/2min or 4min)
  • Gas or diesel operation
  • Windshield mount antennae with build in ultra bright LED's and valet switch
  • Run time status indicator via LED's on key fob (know how long cars been running & how long left to run)
  • Run time extend feature (Extend run time during run cycle by pressing start)
  • Transmitter low battery indicator
  • Accidental start protection mode (Long press required to start engine)
  • Cold weather start timer
  • Easy access valet mode (Via ignition switch or button in valet)
  • Engine over rev protection
  • Ignition or speed controlled door locks
  • Multi car control (Up to 4 cars)
  • Shift button on remote with multi channel control
  • 4 auxiliary control channels (For additional feature control via key fob)
  • Factory horn control
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty