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Secure your vehicle with the FT-DAS and get three different sensors in one! Along with a dual stage shock sensor, the FT-DAS includes tilt and G-force sensors, which shut down the vehicle when it senses forward movement. When the FT-DAS is triggered, you will be notified on your 2-way remote. This is the perfect solution for safely installing remote start systems onto manual transmission vehicles.

G-Force Sensor

Automatically shuts your vehicle's remote-started engine off when it senses vehicle movement in any direction, even by as little as half an inch, in order to help prevent theft.

Dual-Stage Shock Sensor

Monitors your vehicle for sudden impacts and sounds an alert in the immediate environment of a disturbance when paired with an optional CompuStar alarm controller (not included). There are two different alarm stages for two different levels of impact: small light impact and full impact such as someone hitting your vehicle with their car.

Digital Tilt Sensor

Alerts you of any changes in the level of your vehicle or if someone attempts to tilt your vehicle. An alarm will sound, keeping your vehicle and your wheels safe.

Flexible Use The FT-DAS can be placed in various locations within your vehicle. Cancelling alerts is also easy. If you have a Compustar aftermarket transmitter you can hit any button on the two-way remote, you can hit the button on the EZ-GO, or if you have the DroneMobile smartphone application, hit lock and it will silence the alarm.

Durable Design

Plastic and copper materials as well as a protective coating ensure a durable design.

Safe for Manual-Trans

If you drive a manual-transmission vehicle, Compustar is the safest remote start solution for you. The DAS sensor also has a built-in accelerometer that will immediately stop your vehicle if you remote start your vehicle while it’s left in gear.


The FT-DAS is compatible with the following systems: FT-7000AS, FT-7200S and FT-6300A.

  • Digital Adjustable Sensor
  • Dual stage shock sensor adjustable through the remote
  • Digital tilt sensor and G-Force sensor
  • G-force sensor will shut down a vehicle if the car moves half an inch