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Item Code : FGKF-601

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Ideally designed

KeyFob was designed with precise attention to detail. Its ergonomic and compact shape allow it to fit perfectly in your hand, and pocket, while raised buttons allow for intuitive clicking.

Quick and easy inclusion

Adding a device to the system is as intuitive as using it. Quick-start KeyFob and feel like everything just got a lot easier.

Up to 30 possible actions

  • Each button press responds to an option of 1, 2 or 3 clicks and holding a button down. That's a total of up to 24 possibilities.
  • To set up additional six sequences use combination of 2 to 5 buttons.

Mindful of safety

KeyFob comes with a fully configurable, automatic pin lock that effectively protects against accidental clicks or unauthorized use.

One controls the whole house: Control the lights, turn on the music, manage temperature, close the blinds and gates and open the door. Run virtually any KeyFob devices and scenes you desire.temperature, close the blinds and gates and open the door. Run virtually any KeyFob devices and scenes you desire.

Irreplaceable at work

Designed for the home, KeyFob is just as invaluable at work. At home, the studio or at the office, KeyFob will quickly become your most valuable assistant, always ready to go.

Comfort and safety

Upon arriving home, KeyFob can effortlessly open the garage, light up the driveway for your safety and comfort, and disarm the alarm in your home. Each of these actions can be triggered independently or with a single click that can launch the whole sequence of actions as one particular scene.

A control made just for you

The mobile and portable KeyFob ensures comfortable and complete home control. Keep your personal controller with you wherever you go.

100% reliable

The FIBARO KeyFob is a remote control, which works under all conditions. The IP54 level of security provides resistance to splashing water, dust and undesirable attempting to access the inside of the enclosure.

  • Compatible with any Z-Wave or Z-Wave+ Controller
  • Supports Z-Wave network Security Mode with AES-128 encryption
  • Battery powered
  • Completely wireless
  • Pocket size
  • Equipped with 6 easily recognizable buttons
  • 30 different actions, single/double/triple click, hold for each button and sequences
  • Easy to operate menu
  • Actions are confirmed by the built-in LED diode
Suitable For Use With Z-Wave or Z-Wave+ Controller
Range Up to 50 m Outdoor, Up to 40 m Indoor
Number of Buttons 6
Communication Method Wireless
Specifications 908.4, 908.42 or 916.0 Mhz Radio Frequency, Z-Wave+ (500 Series Chip) Radio protocol
Color White
Dimensions 70 mm L x 38 mm W x 17 mm D
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