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    Episode 70V Commercial Mix-Amps

    Perfect for light commercial applications, Episode® 70V Mixer-Amplifiers are designed to meet all your background music and paging needs. With 7 inputs for microphones and line-level sources, these amplifiers are versatile and user-friendly. They also feature XLR microphone inputs with independent priority modes for seamless audio “ducking,” ensuring clear communication. The Class D amplification delivers pristine sound, even at high volumes, while conserving power. An integrated mixer ensures seamless audio blending. Plus, their compact 1RU form factor saves valuable rack space without sacrificing performance or flexibility.

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    More Efficient Class D Amplification for Better Sound

    Enhanced Class D amplification conserves power while delivering cleaner sound quality, even at high volumes. Reduce wasted power without compromising performance.

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    70V and 4-Ohm to 16-Ohm Capable

    This versatile amplifier supports 70V systems, as well as low-impedance, 4-ohm setups. With a robust power output of up to 240 watts, it effortlessly caters to large spaces and multiple speakers.

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    Multiple Inputs

    With up to 7 inputs, you can connect multiple microphones and analog sources for background music. An integrated mixer blends microphones with any one of the music audio sources.

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    Flexible Output Options

    Expanding your system is a breeze with this mixer-amplifier. It offers a balanced line output for easy daisy-chaining of a second amplifier, as well as a fixed record output and preamp loop output/amp input for external EQ or DSP integration if required.

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    Front Panel Controls

    Front controls provide the store owner or manager with quick access to Volume, Bass, Treble, Source Input, and individual Microphone level controls. To change sources, simply press one of the front panel selection buttons.

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    Priority Mic Inputs

    Balanced XLR microphone inputs come equipped with independent priority modes, allowing for audio “ducking,” which automatically lowers the music volume when priority microphones are in use. This valuable feature is essential in restaurant and bar settings. Plus, if you’re using condenser microphones, the built-in phantom power switch ensures that your active electronics are always powered, eliminating the need for batteries.

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    Emergency Input

    The EMC audio input is tailor-made for a fire alarm or other emergency signal when rapid communication is essential. Upon receiving an emergency signal, all other sources are automatically muted, allowing the incoming emergency signal to take precedence. While the alarm is active, Mic 1 serves as an override, so crucial safety information can be effectively conveyed to room occupants.

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    LED Indicators

    The front panel LED meter prevents speaker damage caused by clipping. Like a traffic light, green is safe, while red signals a risk of clipping. Safeguarding a customer’s system from speaker output shorts is also effortless, thanks to the LED indicator that shifts from blue to red in the presence of a short.

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    Safe, Compact Installation

    Perfect for situations where rack or shelf space is limited, this amplifier’s 1RU form factor delivers robust performance in a compact design. Its side vents and rear fan allow you to stack additional equipment atop the amplifier safely, preventing overheating concerns.


    • Front panel volume and tone controls
    • 70V and 4-Ohm to 16-Ohm capable
    • Available in 60-, 120-, or 240-watt options


    Impedance Input MIC1, 2, 3, 4 input: 5mV/600Ω balanced European terminal AUX1, 2 input: 350mV/10KΩ unbalanced RCA connection terminal EMC input: 775mV/10KΩ balanced European terminal
    Power Output per Channel (Continuous) 60W
    Sensitivity Input 775mV
    Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) <0.05%(in 1KHz, 1/3 rated power)
    Frequency Response 50 Hz to 16 KHz
    12V Trigger Input: 4.5 -12V DC; 10K Ω
    Output: 12V DC; 10mA
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 16.9" x 3.75" x 15.2"
    Inputs 1 EMC input, 2 AUX inputs, 4 MIC inputs
    Operating Temperature 32°-122°F
    Power Consumption 120W
    Line Voltage 220V - 240V
    Weight 15.7 lb
    Rack Spacing 2U
    Signal to Noise Ratio 73dB
    Fuse Type 115V AC: T3.15AL 250V
    230V AC: T1.6AL 250V
    Watts Per Channel 101-200W


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    Amplifier Type 70V
    Watts Per Channel 101-200W
    Type Amplifiers
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