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    Manufacturer: Picture for manufacturer Dragonfly
    SKU: DF-SL-110-UAW
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    Dragonfly™ Fixed Ultra AcoustiWeave™ Projection Screen

    Create the ultimate cinematic experience with these Dragonfly™ Ultra AcoustiWeave™ Projection Screens. Because they’re acoustically transparent, you can place speakers directly behind the screen without dampening high-performance sound quality. Even better, the tightly woven fabric is now compatible with 4K projectors, and delivers a crisp, vibrant image that’s unmatched by the competition. Combined with our installer-friendly quick-snap technology and convenient mounting system, pair these screens with our Episode® in-room or in-wall speakers to customize an ideal home theater system.

    Key Features
    Tighter Weave = Sharper Picture

    Make sure your customers are getting all the pixels they’ve paid for. This Ultra AcoustiWeave screen material has a much tighter pitch than typical acoustically transparent fabrics, delivering high-precision images and eliminating moiré.

    Hide The Speakers, Not The Sound

    Professionally designed and installed home theaters provide your clients entertainment without making them "live with" the equipment. Our Ultra AcoustiWeave™ screens are acoustically transparent; front speakers can be hidden behind the screen to deliver the perfect sound.

    Easy Screen Assembly

    Depending on screen size and application type, these screens offer convenient snap-in or spring assembly. Our screen material has the perfect amount of stretch to allow for a tight, wrinkle-free fit, but scrim is now included to provide higher contrast in rooms with more natural light.

    Velvet Covered Frame

    Every fixed screen frame is hand-wrapped with VelTX™ black velvet, providing an elegant finish that absorbs any overscan for the perfect theater experience. The beveled 3-1/4 in. aviation grade aluminum frame is rigid, easy to assemble, and looks great too!

    Lock It Down

    Dragonfly™ fixed screens include our Set-n-Lock™ mounting system, which features pre-measured tethers connecting the single top and bottom installation bars. Our Set-n-Lock™ includes clips to secure the screen to the bottom rail, keeping it snug to the wall and safe from prying fingers.

    Gainfully Employed

    All the acoustical transparency in the world means nothing without a bright, clear picture. That’s why our Ultra AcoustiWeave™ is made from finely woven, reflective fabric that delivers a highly-efficient gain of 1.0 with provided black scrim. This gives you superb off-axis performance and versatility.

    No More Moiré

    Many competitors feature "perforated" screens that use many small, punched holes for acoustical transparency. The problem with this approach is a side effect known as moiré – a wavy and rippled image distortion that results when projected light is reflected improperly. Our Ultra AcoustiWeave™ II material features a precision weave that eliminates moiré, while maximizing audio transfer through the screen.

    Black Scrim Cloth Included

    We include a black scrim with every screen. Not only will it improve contrast, but it is also acoustically transparent to not hinder audio performance. Use the whole cloth to hang behind the entire screen or cut it down to a small enough size to place over the speakers.


    • 4K compatible screen with acoustically transparent weave
    • Tight material weave delivers a crisp, high quality image, eliminating moiré
    • Available in multiple screen sizes


      DF-SL-160-UAW DF-SL-145-UAW DF-SL-133-UAW DF-SL-120-UAW DF-SL-110-UAW DF-SL-106-UAW DF-SL-100-UAW
    Screen Size 160" 145" 133" 120" 110" 106" 100"
    Aspect Ratio 16:9 16:9 16:9 16:9 16:9 16:9 16:9
    Gain 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0
    Screen Material Ultra AcoustiWeave™ Ultra AcoustiWeave™ Ultra AcoustiWeave™ Ultra AcoustiWeave™ Ultra AcoustiWeave™ Ultra AcoustiWeave™ Ultra AcoustiWeave™
    Viewing Area Height 78.53" 71.1" 65.2" 58.82" 53.9" 51.93" 49.02"
    Viewing Area Width 139.54" 126.37" 116" 104.57" 95.87" 92.36" 87.17"
    Construction Extruded Aluminum Extruded Aluminum Extruded Aluminum Extruded Aluminum Extruded Aluminum Extruded Aluminum Extruded Aluminum
    Weight 46 lb 41.6 lb 53.75 lb 54.1 lb 50.3 lb 48.4 lb 46 lb
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 147.3" x 86.4" x 1.375" 132.57" x 77.3" x 1.375" 122.24" x 71.54" x 1.375" 110.9" x 65.16" x 1.375" 102.2" x 60.24" x 1.375" 98.7" x 58.27" x 1.375" 93.5" x 55.35" x 1.375"
    Products specifications
    Screen Size 110"
    Aspect Ratio 16:09
    Motorized No
    4K Optimized Yes
    Screen Material Ultra AcoustiWeave
    Screen System Fixed Frame
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