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Compustar Brain

This 5 inch by 3.5 inch by 1 inch rectangular black box is the “brain” of the CompuStar 2000AS system by transmitting and receiving functions from the remote-pager unit using a unique FM frequency for up to a ¼ mile distance. This allows the brain to perform car tasks such as remote keyless entry, auto-start and security alerts.

This device allows the user to activate multiple functions of the CompuStar 2000AS brain such as auto-start, keyless entry, and security features by pressing a combination of 4 buttons on the unit for up to a ¼ mile distance. Also, the unique color LCD display called CompuGlo allows the user to visually and audibly monitor the security status of your car at all times.


  • Alarm Mode
  • Panic Mode
  • Auto-start Function
  • Query Function
  • Reservation Mode (Manual Transmission only)
  • Safety Shutdown Features: CompuStar 2000AS system has several shut down safety features. The following actions will shut down the engine or prevent the car from auto-starting
    • Opening of the car engine hood
    • Pressing of the car engine break
    • Valet mode is turned on
    • Valet switch is turned on
  • VPS (Vehicle Paging System)
  • Valet Mode
  • Valet Switch
  • Dual Stage Shock Sensor
  • Timer Start Mode
  • Second Car Mode
  • Adding an Additional Remote-Pager
  • Programming Options with the Remote-Pager