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Binary B6-Series GripTek™ High Speed Licensed HDMI® Cable with Ethernet 1 Meter (3.28 ft)

Bulky connector heads can create “head-aches” when hanging flat panels or sliding a DVD player into a cabinet. That’s why we engineered this HDMI cable with connectors that are up to 50% shorter than the competition, and the cable itself is more flexible to go places the other guys can’t. Plus, our exclusive GripTek™ design require up to 40% more force to remove, making it ideal for articulating mounts, rack installs or anywhere equipment is being moved around. We didn't invent the HDMI cable - we just made it a whole lot better.

Key Features

  • High Speed w/ Ethernet – Premium A/V performance with networking
  • Flexible – Easily bends to make tight turns
  • Deep Color – Stunning detail with over one billion colors
  • 1080p – Full HD ready
  • Dolby/DTS – Up to 7.1 channels of lossless audio
  • Low Profile – 50% smaller connector for thin displays
  • GripTek™ – Gripping connector for trouble-free performance
  • 3D – 3D support to bring the action into your room
  • 4K – Ultra-high definition 4Kx2K compatible
  • Audio Return Channel – Sends audio from TV to receiver

Low-Profile Connector: Today's super-thin TVs can make bulky cables difficult - if not impossible - to use. Our B6 series features a connector head that is up to 50% shorter than competitive designs. This means it can go places no other cable can, like tight TV installs or shallow-depth cabinets.

Bending the Rules: Traditional HDMI cables can be stiff, making them tough to route through an articulating mount or rack. We used a proprietary, ultra-flexible jacket compound to make the cable just as flexible as the installations you put them in. A tighter bend radius combined with the low-profile connector can save up to 1" of depth behind the equipment.

GripTek™ Gripping Connector: Common cable-related service calls are easily prevented thanks to GripTek™, Binary's exclusive gripping HDMI connector. Small bumps on the connector create a strong hold and require up to 6 lbs of pulling force to remove - that's 40% more force than a traditional HDMI connector.

The Need for Speed: Advanced video formats like 1080p, 3D and Deep Color have continued to push the performance requirements of HDMI cables. This licensed B6 High Speed HDMI cable not only meets, but exceeds, these stringent requirements with support of 1080p, 3D, 4Kx2K, Deep Color, Dolby TrueHD, DTS HD-Master, Audio Return Channel and Ethernet.

HDMI Ethernet Channel: SmartTV, AppleTV, PS3, BluRay Player... it doesn't take many internet-connected components to end up with a complex local network right there in your "simple" entertainment system. The HDMI Ethernet Channel simplifies all that by sharing your network data stream over the same HDMI cable. This allows high speeds up to 100 Mbps for gaming, Netflix®, Pandora® and other Internet-enabled features.

As Good As Gold: Did you know that humidity in the air can cause electrical connections to corrode over time? To prevent corrosion and deliver the purest possible signal, this B6 cable features 24K gold-plated connectors. Just don't tell the leprechauns in tech support...

Note: This cable is not FT4 rated at this time.

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