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    Brand Authorization: URC


    For Dealers interested in becoming a Total Control Authorized Reseller, please review the below terms and conditions prior to completing the application. For more information please email or contact your local Staub Electronics Business Development Manager (BDM) – click here for contact information.

    Please Note: All applications are subject to approval by Staub Electronics.


    Training Requirements: New Dealers must have at least one programmer/installer complete the 3 day “Hands-On Training” seminar conducted by URC at one of their 3 locations in the US.

    Yearly Purchase Commitment: Dealers must commit to a minimum annual spend of $10,000 in URC Total Control products and purchase at least 4 systems per year (equal to 1 system per quarter).

    • This will be reviewed yearly with your BDM every October.
    • At the discretion of your BDM, your access to URC Total Control may be revoked or, you may be required to participate in re-certification as follows.
      • Dealers that have not been certified via the 3 day Hands-On Training in the US, will be required to attend a 3 day Hands-On Training before continuing with URC Total Control.
      • Dealers that have been certified within the previous 12 months via the 3 day Hands-On Training in the US, will be required to be re-certified via the online web training on the URC Portal. The following list of courses will be required to be completed and passed before continuing with URC Total Control.
        1. TCS131 - Total Control 2.0: Programming in Accelerator 2.0
        2. TCS140 - Total Control 2.0: Understanding Macros
        3. TCS282 - Total Control 2.0: Creating Custom Drivers in Total Control 2.0-Level 1
        4. TCS278 - Total Control 2.0: Creating Scenes in Total Control 2.0
        5. TCS241 - Total Control 2.0: Using Macros in Automation
        6. TCS133 - Total Control 2.0 Hands-On Training Final Exam (Not all topics for this exam are covered in the above course, so additional modules may be required depending on your knowledge of Total Control)

    Demo System: Dealers are required to have a demo system that includes all URC Total Control Categories, which includes, but is not limited to:

    • 1 - System Controller
    • 1 - Touch Panel
    • 1 - Hand Held Remote
    • DMS Audio (A minimum of 2 zones of audio)
    • 1 – zWave

    Networking Commitment: Dealers are required to use URC Certified networking product.

    • To receive the full benefit of Staub Technical Support, it is highly recommended to use Araknis Networking equipment.
    • Staub Electronics will accommodate Araknis Networking training via the web following successful completion of Total Control Hands-On Training.

    Internet Commerce Policy: Staub Electronics and URC have a zero-tolerance policy regarding internet commerce. No dealer may post URC product pricing or conduct any sales transactions for Total Control products via the internet.