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1-Way SH Remote Starter with 3,000' Range, 2 x 4 Button SH Remotes - Waterproof

The RF-1WG6-SH-CN is one of five new remotes to be released this winter by Compustar. The RF-1WG6-SH-CN remote is Compustar's most durable remote due to its heavy-duty and water-resistant casing. So if you drop it on the ground or in water, you'll know that your remote will still work flawlessly! This is the perfect remote if you are a first time remote start user.

The RF-1WG6-SH-CN includes the following components: Two 1-way remotes, antenna and owner's manual. The RF-1WG6-AM does NOT include a control module.

Included in RF-1WG6-SH-CN Kit:

  • 2 1WG6R-SH Remotes (1-way remote)
  • 1 ANT-SH Antenna
  • 1 Antenna Cable

Controller Module is not included in RF Kit: RF-1WG6-SH-CN is compatible with CM3 Series, FT6 Series, and FT7 Series Controllers. Can be installed as an alarm, starter, or max system.

1WG6R-SH Remote Specs:

  • Dimensions: 1.25” x 3” x .4”
  • Color: Black

Start Features

  • Remote Start: Get a head start on the weather outside by remote starting your engine! Activate by holding start button for 2.5 seconds.
  • Cold/Hot Automatic Start: Set your vehicle to automatically start at a certain time or temperature to make sure you always have a head start on the weather.
  • Manual Transmission Starting: All Compustar starter systems can be safely installed onto manual transmission vehicles.
  • Diesel Engine Starting: Compustar remote starters are Diesel Engine compatible and will wait to start to allow Glo-plugs to warm up.
  • Turbo: Keeps the engine running for up to 4 minutes upon exiting the vehicle.

Security Features

  • Lock: Secure your vehicle by activating your vehicle’s installed alarm. Activate by pressing lock button.
  • Unlock: Access your vehicle by deactivating your vehicle’s installed alarm. Activate by pressing unlock button.
  • Siren: Want to hear the beautiful sound of your alarm’s siren? Hold lock button for 4-seconds.
  • Passive: Automatically arm/lock your vehicle 30-seconds after you unlock it.
  • Drive Lock: Locks doors when customer presses brake pedal to change gears or when the system senses the engine being utilized.
  • Trunk: Pop your trunk by holding the Trunk release button for 2.5 seconds.

Convenience Features

  • Valet Mode: Turns off all alarm and remote start features, also known as service mode.
  • Aux Mode: Additional inputs and outputs that can be controlled to trigger a relay.
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